"We recently finished several marketing research projects working closely with Jennifer von Briesen. We were extremely pleased with the quality of work provided by Jennifer and the marketing / business plan that resulted.

Jennifer von Briesen is truly a professional in all regards and a very qualified consultant. She has a tremendous breadth of knowledge on many industries that enabled her to provide "best practice" ideas that we explored and ultimately applied in our industry and for our customers.

We would not hesitate to work with Jennifer for future marketing and Strategy engagements."

Recent Client
Strategic Planning and Business Development Manager,

Fortune 100 company

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Frontier Strategy, founded in 2003, was recently recognized by a prominent independent technology and research company as a leading strategy consulting firm in the Corporate Strategy Services market along with much larger, well known industry players such as McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and Monitor. We focus on applying leading edge growth and innovation management approaches and academic thinking such as Blue Ocean Strategy and Customer Experience Co-Creation

By providing company executives with greater insight, we lead them to consider and decide future vision and strategies, explore and analyze new market spaces – new frontiers - and discover new profitable growth opportunities. Once we know your objectives, we research and analyze information, facts, and uncertainties to gain insight and knowledge. We lay out the roadmap, guide you to new frontiers, and help you be successful once you get there.

To pursue and capture these opportunities successfully, we guide clients through the entire growth process from opportunity discovery and evaluation, to developing business cases and plans, designing and running market tests, and developing and launching new products/services. We also help companies manage their portfolios of projects and products/services to ensure strategic goals are met by investing in the right projects and tracking and managing their performance.

As we go on this journey with clients, significant internal changes must often be made and new capabilities must be built and practiced. Organizations need to innovate from within through business model transformation and cultural change, and we help them realign, become more agile, and put the right people, processes, and tools in place to succeed.